Recent scientific studies have suggested that ‘Doing Good’ is a big part of our human nature and that when faced with a crisis, the human intuitive responses, or first instincts, tend to lead us toward cooperation rather than selfishness. Every human being is indeed inherently compassionate and aspires to ‘Do Good’.

However, most of the time those inspirations to ‘Do Good’ may not necessary translate into motivation and eventual actions. This is because they are often overridden by our basic human need to want a brighter future for self, family and community first before anything else. History has bear witness to nations that have gone to war, or cooperated with another to secure a brighter future for their respective people. Irrespective of what the vision of ‘a brighter future’ may be in the eyes of the individual, it is natural for us to always gravitate towards a future that promises peace and prosperity.

Without doubt, when faced with a choice between ‘Doing Good’ and ‘Doing Well’, almost all of us will want to ‘Do Well’ first before we start thinking of ‘Doing Good’. It is not surprising therefore, to understand why philanthropy and charity have always remained in the realm of afterthoughts, only to come to mind after surplus resources become available to support the charitable causes.

The Genusix Project seeks to answer both these dimensions of being human in an ever challenging modern world: that of our basic human nature to want to ‘Do Good’ and of our basic human need to want to ‘Do Well’. We asked, “Is it possible to ‘Do Well’ while ‘Doing Good’ rather than ‘Do Good’ after we ‘Do Well’?” and found that the answer lies in social enterprises.

In the common social enterprise that every associate within The Genusix Project starts on, philanthropy takes up half of our business activities and commitments. Working with our Corporate Partners and utilizing their business mechanics, we are able to successfully incorporate both the ‘Doing Good’ and ‘Doing Well’ dimensions into our social enterprise model.

The context of ‘A Brighter Future’ indeed holds a deeper meaning within our Project community because it is where we grow together as human beings in service of humanity – an avenue where self, family, community, environment and the human race, can flourish together in more ways than one.