The Genusix Project is a FOR-PROFIT organization comprising of a community of social and eco entrepreneurs whose ambitions are to promote a global distribution business that incorporates a philanthropic activity as a part of the business process.

We are NOT an NGO, Charitable Organization, nor a Non-Profit Organization. Our aim is to be profitable in our distribution business so that we are able to eventually use our surplus profits to collectively self-finance the social and eco change-making projects that we are inspired to pursue. Since philanthropy takes up half of our business goals and commitments, we are also very proud of the fact that as we grow in profitability, our efforts to Do Good, and make a difference in this world, also grow with us.

Ultimately, our vision at The Genusix Project is to encourage all our associates to Do Well financially so that with their surplus wealth, they can Do More by encouraging and collaborating with each other, and other associates within the project community, to pursue change-making projects that matter most to them or their communities.

To ensure that the highest levels of professional standards and integrity are constantly maintained, associates participating in The Genusix Project are bound by the following Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct:



We Do Not Solicit Donations
As a for-profit organization, The Genusix Project does not allow any of our associates to solicit donations or contributions, whether monetary or materials-in-kind of any sort, in the name of The Genusix Project, or with any reference to what we do in our business activities. We view this code article very seriously and any associate violating this article should know that they are personally conducting an illegal activity in accordance to the Law, and that legal actions may be taken against them.

The Genusix Project website does not have a Donate or Contribute link or webpage. If you come across any webpage with our logo but includes a Donate or Contribute link, then you must treat such webpage as one with a possible fraudulent or malicious intent, and report such activities to us immediately. This also applies to any flyers or publications that ask for monetary or material donations under The Genusix Project logo or banner.

Donating To Fundraisers And Other Websites
While The Genusix Project does not directly receive donations or contributions, we do however support the fundraising activities of many NGO, Non-Profit, or Charitable Organizations, as an integral part of our Do More motto. We do this by directing visitors and donors to the appropriate websites or fundraising events of those organizations that need our financial support to continue their good work. These organizations already have the authorized and legal permits or licenses to receive donations from the public directly. We do not collect money or materials-in-kind on their behalf.

The Genusix Project associates are kept informed of, and always abide by, the policies, professional standards, laws, and code of conduct that govern their professionalism and business practices, as put forth by our Corporate partners. Each associate will be given a copy of the Corporate Policies and Procedures that govern the manner in which they represent the partner company and conduct business with them.

The Genusix Project associates always strive to create and maintain a working climate of mutual respect, trust, cooperation and teamwork in relation to teammates, colleagues and the people we work with, to pursue and implement the project objectives.

Humanity is inclusive of all ethnicity, caste, race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, disability, economic status and official position. This inclusiveness is reflected in the core principles of The Genusix Project and associates adopt this spirit of inclusiveness and accord equal respect and dignity to every person they encounter or work with.

In cases where The Genusix Project associates are working directly with the beneficiaries of their work, they will conduct their activities with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism, respecting the rights, privacy and dignity of the individuals they are working with.

In cases where The Genusix Project associates are working in different countries where local cultures are different from their own, they are to accord their utmost respect to the local cultures, religion, beliefs and traditions. Associates are constantly reminded that the best solution to a local problem is almost always found locally.

Since financial transactions are part and parcel of all the business activities, The Genusix Project associates are expected to be honest and trustworthy in all their business transactions and to maintain a respectable reputation at all times. They are reminded of the quote: “It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation and a single act to destroy it”.