At The Genusix Project, our vision is “To inspire people of all backgrounds to unite as a force for good to make the world a better place for all with a global platform that allows them to Do Good, Do Well and Do More”.

Our mission is to empower inspired and motivated people with a rewarding global business that builds mutual partnerships, and to encourage them to collaborate in high-impact social and eco change-making projects together by combining their diverse knowledge, career experiences and skill sets.

To achieve both our vision and mission, we created a social enterprise platform where like-minded individuals can come together and grow as a community of successful businesspeople who are creating prosperity for themselves while transforming the lives of disadvantaged people around the world.

Our motto to facilitate our associates to Do Good, Do Well and Do More, has led us to create an avenue where self, family, community and environment can flourish, and together paint a brighter future for humanity.

Doing Well While Doing Good
For self, family, community and environment to blossom as one, we will need a singular entity that will, not only allows this to be possible, but also encourages it to flourish with a common cause. The only way to achieve this is through a common social business – not just any social business, but one that, within its common framework, allows each associate to succeed as an individual businessperson.

That common framework, which is adopted by The Genusix Project, is the ‘Nourish The Children’ program that aims to eradicate malnutrition and hunger in children by using a rather unique business approach which caters for long-term scalability and financial sustainability. Proven over a decade of operation, the program provides a lifetime opportunity for individuals who inspire to be successful entrepreneurs, to participate in a business that could bring personal financial empowerment as well as compassionate fulfillment.

In The Genusix Project however, the ‘Nourish The Children’ program is only one half of the business model we teach to our associates. In order to truly do well, and for the other half of the business, we also mentor and train our associates to develop their own distribution businesses with our Corporate Partners for the global marketplace.

Using our very own training and financial sponsorship programs, we are able to help associates from low to medium income backgrounds get started in the business and then prosper from it. In a way, our programs provide the opportunities for individuals who are looking for personal economic empowerment, income stability, or financial sustainability.

Doing More
Once our associates are successful in growing a sustainable business, we would ask them to set a monthly income figure as their ‘success datum’. This could be anywhere upwards of ten thousand US Dollars a month depending on their financial appetites and commitments to self, family and lifestyle. Should they eventually cross that success datum and begin to earn more every month, then they have the prerogative to decide whether they want to do more with their surplus wealth.

‘Doing More’ is purely voluntary and no associate will be compelled to do more than what he or she is already doing for ‘Nourish The Children’. Should they however, be inspired to pursue a compassionate cause with their surplus wealth, then The Genusix Project provides the framework for them to share their missions with others within the project community and perhaps find suitable partners to form a project team to realize those missions.