We are inspired by the thousands of individuals who are leading the way in innovating solutions to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems that affect almost every community in one way or another. Their brilliant ideas are potentially game changers such that if these were infused into the communities they intend to help; it can literally be the beginning of better things to come for the beneficiaries.

They are our superheroes and while most of them receive little to no recognition, their work is wide-ranging and their results far-reaching – spanning such missions as: reducing the rural poverty of an entire nation at one end, to saving the marine eco-system of a remote island fishing village at the other. Whatever the mission may be, the end result of their work is always the same – transforming lives.

Where there is inspiration, motivation is usually only half a footstep behind. Every time we hear of an inspiring story about someone, somewhere, doing something that is making a difference and transforming lives, it fuels our motivation to galvanize more people around the world to do the same. If a single deed is a puff of fresh air that transforms lives, then the sum of all the puffs may one day turn into the winds of change that transform humanity.