Diversity is the Greatest Asset
The true value of any team within the project community is the great diversity of people who are inter-connected together through personal social networks. This diversity is the greatest asset of The Genusix Project community. Because associates bring along with them their immense knowledge, skill sets and experiences, the project community thus becomes a melting-pot of diverse expertise where innovative ideas may spawn effective solutions to make the world a better place for all.


Innovative Solutions from Collective Expertise
The proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention (or in our case, innovations)”, perfectly describes the innovative solutions that the project community can create out of the need to address longstanding issues that cry out for intervention.

For example: individuals with specific skills such as chefs, hairstylists, or carpenters can adopt disadvantaged children as apprentices so that the young ones may acquire those skills and gain economic empowerment; or, restaurant owners may seek to educate, train and employ youngsters from poor or disadvantaged families into their establishments to help reduce the chances of the children falling into vice or crime.

The world’s most pressing problems are outstripping the financial capacities of large corporations or governments to provide lasting solutions. It would be left to the army of innovative social entrepreneurs to step in and collectively lead the way to make change happen for the common good.