Social problems affect every person on this planet directly or indirectly, and in one way or another. It does not matter whether one resides in the ghetto or in a gated neighborhood; no one is spared from the callous crutches of social problems that range from homelessness and poverty, to child abuse and crime.

One of the many causes of social problems is economic inequality. It is the root of many problems that affect even the most advanced of societies and nations. While poverty and hunger may prevail in poor and developing nations, the huge gap in wealth distribution between the rich and the poor in every society has fuelled a plethora of social issues ranging from homelessness to crime, to substance abuse.

It is impossible for any one person, or one organisation, or even one nation, to find solutions to every social problem that exist in every layer of society. The only way these problems can be reduced is when they are tackled at each social layer with initiatives that are woven into the social fabric itself.

It is our vision to grow a project community of inspired individuals who are motivated to bring these initiatives to their own communities. We want to help them enjoy personal economic growth so that they are financially empowered to pursue their social missions. They would be the best people to start any initiatives to help reduce or solve the social problems that affect their communities.